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A New Life with Luv-it Preloved Fashion


Do you have once worn or 'brand new with tags' items hidden in your wardrobe?

To be honest we all do! Those beautiful outfits that have been worn once or the impulse buys that we convince ourselves we'll fit into in a couple of months time. Why not give them a second chance and bring them into Luv-it Preloved, we accept any items that are new or have been worn just that one time, so long as they are in excellent condition, cleaned and ready to sell we will happily give you an idea of price and share the sale with you 50:50.

So why not let someone else love the clothes you've loved, set them free and make some space in the wardrobe for something new - we have lots to choose from!

Marilyn and Irene are happy to advise on any items brought into Luv It so what are you waiting for - rummage through your wardrobe and make some space.

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Tel: 01404 371391

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